How to Import Outdoor Playgrounds from China?

How to Import Outdoor Playgrounds from China?

Happy new years to all our friends. Wish happiness and prosperity will be with you throughout 2016.
Recently we were frequently asked by new customers who want to import playgrounds from China. Since they are green hand on international trading, here we’d like to give you a brief introduction of how to order a play ground from us :

1.Find a sales representative from us. We have 17 professional sales who could entertain your need.

Tell us your detailed requirements for the play system (like size, styles, colors, games,functions and also your budget for the play structure), and we could design according to your demands;

2.We will make a Proforma Invoice if you confirm the order;

3.Wire transfer to our company bank account;
4.Tell us where we shall ship the goods to;
5.Find a local shipping agent to help you clear the customs;
Usually our shipping documentation will include the docs as follow:

* Original Bill of Lading
* Commercial Invoice
* Packing List

Tell us if you have special need for the documentation when you confirm the order:
Certificate of Origin and Commercial Invoice attested by Chamber of Commerce would also be available according to your request.
6.We will send u the shipping docs once they get issued and we would always be available to assist you to retrieve the goods from the port.
If you are interested in knowing how to find a good supplier of playgrounds in China (how to make sure we are the right supplier for you in particular), here we give you a very simple but efficient testimony: