ASTM Stand​a​rd of Indoor Trampoline Park

ASTM Stand​a​rd of Indoor Trampoline Park


Liben trampoline meet ASTM standard

ASTM Standard

Liben is on a mission to “Let children grow more healthily and happily” and further develop trampoline park. Happiness and health must depend on the safety equipment. We pay attention to every detail of safety.
We produce trampoline with US ASTM F1487 (public playground equipment) ASTM F381 (trampoline) standard and European standard EN1176 and have each indicator in production after repeated testing.
We strictly produce according to each quality indicator and have professional testing equipment to ensure all products to meet the standard.

We provide customers with comprehensive services and detailed security maintenance.

ASTM Standard of Trampoline Park

Device Use Zone shall comprise the area from the ground surface underneath the TC beds to 204 in. (518.16cm) above the ground surface. The height of ground surface to TC bed will be at least 34 in. (86.36cm). The perimeter containment system shall be a minimum of 156 in. (396.24cm) vertical height from the horizontal trampoline frame. The minimum height of a containment wall above an angled TC trampoline frame with a slope of 45 degrees or more from the horizontal trampoline base frame shall be 60 in. (152.4cm) vertical height.