"The 3rd Battle of Legions" at the end of 2016

"The 3rd Battle of Legions" at the end of 2016


The final discount in 2016 from Liben Group Cooperation. From Oct.10 to Nov.30.

Seize your chance to get the best price!

The final push in 2016, are you ready for the sales competition?

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Fig.1 Set your target

1. What is "Battle of Legion" ?

On Oct. 10th, Liben launched the 3rd "Battle of Legion", which will be on till Nov. 30th. Our Sales Team is divided into three legions (Red Legion, Yellow Legion and Blue Legion)and compete for the best sales. We're fighting for a very good ending of 2016. Guess which Legion will be the final winner? 

Indoor trampoline Manufacturer news

Fig.2 Sales Champion Team in September

2. What you can get from it?

During Oct.10th to Nov. 30th, there will be limited time promotion for our main products:
If you have any potential orders at hand, DO NOT hesitate to contact us. Your orders will be highly appreciated and our legions will provide the best solution for you. 

Indoor trampoline Manufacturer news

Fig.3 The 3rd Battle of Legion

3. Why rush at the end of 2016?

According to the past experience usually there will be a lot of orders come at the end of year. In order to feedback all customers we decide to launch the "Battle of Region" every year. 
Also 2016 Chinese New Year Holiday begins in Jan. 2017, so in this period you can seize the quickest lead time and ship out the products before holiday. 
Now you have the best price and time schedule, what are you waiting for?