Trampoline Champion He Wenna announced retirement

Trampoline Champion He Wenna announced retirement


Trampoline Champion He Wenna announced retirement

RIO DE JANEIRO - Beijing Olympic champion He Wenna of China announced retirement after finishing fourth in the women's trampoline event at the Rio Olympic Games on Friday.

The 27-year-old believed that she performed well enough to stand on the podium at her third Olympics, but the score disappointed her a lot as she kept crying in the mixed zone.

"My routine in the final was not bad, and I made no serious mistake," said a tearful He, who failed to defend her title four years ago because of an awful landing. "I thought at least I could have earned a medal. The score and the standing disappointed me."

However, He also knew that she should move on and began to think about her future.

"This was my last routine. I hope people could forget all my achievements in trampoline, because I will say goodbye to my trampoline career since now," said He.

He suffered serious injuries after the London Olympics and there were hardly anyone who believed she could compete at the Olympics again.

"But I made it. I felt I was successful as I took part in the competition at Rio," said He.

"I hope I could begin a new life soon, because we cannot live in the memories forever. I look forward to a better life."