X-JUMP Anniversary Celebration

X-JUMP Anniversary Celebration


X-JUMP Anniversary Celebration, "Hero summons"

X-JUMPTrampoline Park “Anniversary Celebration”


In April, a group of young people carrying dreams began to prepare for the creation of the trampoline park;

In June, runners leisure sports and fitness Co., Ltd. was formally established;

In September, X-JUMP Trampoline Park officially opened;

In November, we ushered the first 50000 customers;

In December, among the Kunming sports and fitness plate online business district ranking top;


February daily customer acceptance exceeded 500 people;

06 months won the Yunnan Daily Newspaper Group issued 2017-2018 colorful Yunnan "PARKnSHOP child-friendly venues" honorary title;

September X-JUMP trampoline park ushered in a one-year-old birthday;

"It" before



"It" now




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