Incredible Design Trampoline Park Opened in Tsitsihar

Incredible Design Trampoline Park Opened in Tsitsihar


Contact For A Great Indoor Trampoline Park. We Design, Manufacture& Install For You. High Performance Trampoline, Spider Tower, Velcro Wall, Climbing Wall, all kinds of game for you.

Incredible Design Trampoline Park Opened in Tsitsihar

Finally we bring the joy and fun of trampoline park to the people in Tsitsihar city.

Although it's not an ideal building for trampoline park, but our designer tried to make the best use of the place and put as much games as possible that the customer required.

Trampoline Park Design

High performance trampoline, also as known as olympic trampolines for National Gymnastic Athletes.
You could achieve a variety of aerial tricks here which are more difficult, as it provides a higher space to play.

olympic trampolines 

Spider tower is a recreational game inside indoor playgrounds and indoor trampoline parks, which exercises children's strength. Kids struggle through the elastic threads and reach the top of the tower.

Spider tower 

The whole interior space was been designed to match the color and theme of our trampoline park equipment.

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Climbing Wall allow us to build our body softness,coodination and body strength.The wall is strong enough to hold an adult man and climb as they want. The most important thing is that the climbing sports can cultivate our attention to the things when we keep our eyes on the body when we move and climb. You can enjoy the climbing and at the same time you can also enjoy diving when you fall down into the foam pit freely.

Climbing Wall

Another funny game is velcro wall. People wear customized velcro suits and try to jump as high as they can to stick to the wall! Jump, twist or flips, do anything you can to make it more fun. A great game for family time!

 velcro wall