How to run a trampoline park

Time: 2020-02-16
Summary: How to run a trampoline park
From the current operating conditions of the indoor trampoline park equipment market,we know that many novice investors face a helpless situation when operating the venue. A problem that many investors want to solve.
 So, how can you get rid of the bleak business of trampoline parks within your own business scope?
 1. Examine the operation of trampoline park:
 If the equipment selection in the trampoline park is not reasonable, it will lead to poor management. Choosing trampoline equipment without going through market research may be relatively new at the time, but we do n’t know if it will be welcomed by the public. There is also an outdated condition of the equipment. If the indoor trampoline equipment is not updated for a long time and cannot keep up with the pace of the market era, it will lead to a smaller group space for customers. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the new rhythm of the equipment according to the market environment and keep up with the public's enthusiasm for the trend of trampoline parks.
 2. Adjust the publicity of the trampoline park:
 In fact, a large part of the reason for the bleak business of trampoline parks is the influence of publicity. After a survey of the trampoline park operators by the Liben Group, it was found that the situation of the propaganda of the venues was extremely polarized. In order to make the venue more publicized, some operators inevitably carry out blind follow-up propaganda, investing a large amount of money without return, and the other situation is to ignore the publicity work. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out reasonable promotion, leaflet delivery and online self-media promotion for trampoline parks.
 3. Reasonable use of trampoline park membership card promotion:
 If the trampoline park can make full use of the membership card promotion method to carry out the venue's profit return method, it will bring a relatively small income. For example, full reduction activities, as many members as possible, and what percentage of opportunities to play, or open venues free of charge according to the number of times, so that funds return quickly. In addition, venue operators can also increase members through promotional activities during the holidays, thereby achieving early return on revenue.
 4. Change the venue marketing model:
 How to get rid of the difficult business situation of indoor trampoline park business? I previously introduced the marketing joint venture model of trampoline parks. If the trampoline park itself can reach a certain scale, characteristics, and image quality, it already has an intangible asset. At this time, you can consider working with other industries. Do joint marketing, mutual benefit and win-win.

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