What needs attention when opening indoor playground?

What needs attention when opening indoor playground?


6 tips for opening an indoor playground,which will make your park a big success.

What needs attention when opening  indoor playground?

There are many clients don't know what they need to do before opening indoor playground,here we'd like to share you what needs attention when opening indoor playground


What are the three elements for the site selection of an indoor children's playground? First,Location, good location means that your paradise has been half successful. The best choice is the business district with large traffic, large community, kindergarten, primary school, square, park, pedestrian street, shopping mall and other places.
A sufficiently large parking lot is more attractive to customers. Secondly, the surrounding environment and facilities need to be considered. The location of the children's playground needs to carefully examine the surrounding traffic facilities and whether the nearby traffic is convenient. It is necessary to consider the traffic conditions in the vicinity, the opening of the urban railway and the subway, and whether there are parking lots, parking spaces and frequent traffic jams around the children's playground. The position of the last corner is ideal. The corner is located at the intersection of two streets, which can produce a corner effect.
Third,he floors are on the first to third floors. There are restrictions on fire protection on other floors. Children's playgrounds are not allowed. This is a top priority. I hope investors must pay attention.


In order to ensure the smooth start of business as soon as possible, relevant documents should be obtained as early as possible, because one day's delay, one day's rent is required. The best case is: after completing the license, the decoration of the park is over. The required documents are: business license, tax registration certificate, fire license, entertainment business license, and health license.

3.Opening propaganda

At least 30 days before the opening of the campaign to build up popularity, post posters, issue a large number of DM bills to nearby residents and the radiation circle where the park is located, use the Internet to post on the local WeChat public account and Facaebook,Twitter to inform the park address And opening promotions.

4.perating expenses

After opening, the later operating costs are also issues that investors need to focus on, such as utilities, wages, etc.

5.Member policy

Members have better service than ordinary customers, make customers feel at home, and also help to catch regular customers. At the same time, opening a membership can transfer the risks of investors to consumers, which is conducive to early recovery of investment costs.


The issue of child safety is a top priority. When choosing amusement equipment, investors must choose a manufacturer with good qualifications and credibility. The quality of the product can be guaranteed to avoid accidental injuries to children due to equipment problems. Inexperienced investors should not try to buy low-quality products cheaply. Such amusement equipment will run erratically. If a safety accident occurs, it will not only hurt children ’s reputation for the park, but also cause serious damage. Equipment maintenance usually requires regular inspection and maintenance, cleaning work, elimination of hidden safety hazards, and equipment damage and other problems to be repaired or replaced in a timely manner.
You will have a big successful if you open an indoor playground and pay more attention to these tips