how to run trampoline park well

Time: 2020-02-24
Summary: If you want to run a trampoline park well, you must use a complete management and operation system in your heart, and you must have a change mind and a transposition mind.
How to run trampoline park well
In any career, thinking is the most important thing. If you want to run a trampoline park well, you must use a complete management and operation system in your heart, and you must have a change mind and a transposition mind.

1. Discover the shortcomings and take the initiative to change.
In this era of rapid development of renewal and iteration, how to keep up with the times and guide or cater to the needs of customers, it is very important to have change thinking. Some good business skills should certainly be retained, but if there is a better way to make the trampoline venues run better, then you may wish to make changes, such as adding new and popular trampoline projects, more considerate services, Efficient publicity and promotion, a better management system, game planning that can promote player interaction, etc. Do some market research and improve the management system so that your trampoline park will keep fit with players, and players will be more willing to come to the venues. A little bit of accumulated advantages can make your trampoline park more competitive.
2. Thinking in other places.
Trampoline parks are also a type of service. Since it is a natural service industry, it is necessary to do a good job. How to do a good job of trampoline park services to attract more customers to spend is a question that operators must think about. Empathy can help them do better services. If you are a player, what kind of trampoline park do you want to play and what kind of experience do you want to get in the trampoline park.
3. Environmental decoration
Trampoline park operators should think from the perspective of customers and players, and in what kind of environment do they like to experience trampolines. The decoration is not only for good-looking, but also for the player's favor, and resonates with the player's psychology. Whether simple or hardcover, there must be a reasonable matching scheme on the color theme of the shape. Also pay attention to the rendering of the lights.
4. Rest area
According to market feedback, the majority of children in trampoline parks are children. To understand that consumers usually bring their children, if parents do not want to play, it is necessary to have a rest area. The rest area is not only for parents who accompany their children to play Tired children can also rest inside.
5. Interactive games
Trampoline alone in the trampoline hall is very tiring and boring. Therefore, the trampoline park should regularly arrange event planners to play games in the venue. It can be aimed at children, adults, or parent-child interaction. This can better drive Players play in the stadium.
6. Cross-industry cooperation and promotion
In the Internet era, promotion is a very important part of business activities. Promotion and promotion should not stop at simple leaflet distribution. The promotion of the industry alliance is a good way. For example, customers who purchase children's clothing at children's clothing stores will give free trampoline park experience tickets (or discount tickets) to the trampoline hall. Customers, discounts on children's meals, etc. "Cooperation," "sharing," and "win-win" are the main melody of career expansion. The era of solo fighting has long passed.
7. Professional service team
The service industry, of course, requires a professional service team. The trampoline park should hire some young and energetic young people, and gradually build a professional service team through the competition of the fittest.
Mastering the above business model, we believe you can make your trampoline park better

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