Safety precautions and instructions in trampoline

Time: 2020-02-26
Summary: Safety precautions and instructions in trampoline
Safety precautions and instructions in trampoline
The popularity of the Internet, the rise of new amusement concepts, and the flow of Tiktok new media have made the world-famous trampoline amusement project directly on the Internet celebrity rankings.
Whether it is a big city on the first tier or a small town on the third or fourth tier, trampoline parks and trampoline halls everywhere can brush your eyes and look at all kinds of things. There are many combinations of trampoline parks: free trampoline, slam dunk, dodge ball, bubble football area, somersault area, sponge pool area, sticks, climbing wall, spider tower, spider wall / sticky wall, parkour, special trampoline District, Ninja Road, Russian Turntable Project, Naughty Castle, Devil Slide, EPP Building Blocks, Quality Development, Inflatable Bag, Labyrinth Trampoline, Snow Slide, Slide Project, Lame Foot, Volcano Rock Climbing, Ocean Ball Pool, Pai Le, VR , Archery and other games in an indoor playground.
It can not only satisfy the fun play of children and adolescents, but also satisfy the adults to release pressure and find their own imagination space. Here, you can make a leap forward, free yourself from the stress and exercise. The feeling of soaring really makes everyone irresistible.

I. Hidden dangers in trampoline
Although trampoline manufacturers have already reduced the risk factor to a very low factor in product design. However, it is still unavoidable that many people are injured every year while playing on the trampoline. Most of these causes of injuries are also caused by wrong landing methods and irregular operations.
For example, many people are jumping on the trampoline while jumping and robbing, resulting in being forced to fall or being trampled, and serious fractures occur.
In the activity of playing in the sponge pool, some people have fresh pictures and lie down at high altitudes with the wrong dangerous movements, causing severe fractures of the spine or legs, which may cause paralysis, even mild sprains and strains. Scratches, cuts, and more.
Second, the precautions and notes that must be known in trampoline
(1) Preparatory notes before entering the park
1. Wear comfortable and loose clothing (long trousers and trousers are better) with special non-slip socks, you can bring your own or buy in the play area.
2. Pay attention to the relevant warnings and precautions for danger prevention, and read the instructions for entering the park carefully.
3. Remember to warm up before entering the play area. Within 10-15 minutes, the main body parts are the ankle, waist, neck, wrist and various joint parts. The coach in the trampoline hall will lead the warm-up exercise.
4. Do not bring any fragile items, sharp items, and items that cause personal injury to the body.
5. Before entering the trampoline area, please remove foreign objects such as jewelry, necklaces, earrings, glasses, hair clips, earrings, etc. It is forbidden to keep long nails and glasses. Girls need to tie their hair with rubber bands (do not use hairpins) to avoid these Objects hurt themselves during movement.
6. It is strictly forbidden for children under 3 years of age to enter the bed area. Children under 12 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian to enter the bed area. The guardian who is not accompanied to enter the bed area has the responsibility and obligation to cooperate with the bed area staff to manage and standardize the child's unsafe behavior. The age of one must have a guardian sign a protection agreement to enter.
7. Drinking, high blood pressure, suffering from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, respiratory diseases and other unhealthy people and people weighing more than 240 kg are not allowed to enter the venue.
8. It is strictly forbidden to bring controlled knives, flammable, explosive and corrosive items into the trampoline, which may endanger the public safety of the venue and the items prohibited by Chinese laws and regulations.
Safety precautions and instructions in trampoline
1. A trampoline is only allowed for one person to play. It is not allowed to jump two trampoline surfaces in succession. It is not allowed to chase playful, push-pull, hit people, etc., and it is not allowed to cross one or more trampolines in succession.
2. Be careful of waist injuries when practicing. Trampoline sports are most injured by the waist and ankles. Because of the great impact when falling, you must play according to your own abilities. Never challenge yourself to cause injuries.
3. It is forbidden to jump on one foot while playing. This action may cause physical imbalance. When the body is out of balance, please protect your wrists, ankles and waist. As far as possible, use your butt and back to contact the net surface. You can also fall to the ground in a chest shape, so that the contact surface is large, and the degree of limb injury will be minimized. Do not support the trampoline net or soft bag with your hand to avoid sprain or fracture.
4. Before entering the sponge pool, you need to confirm whether there are any people in the pool, especially children. You must wait until the other party has landed before entering, otherwise it is easy to hit others or be injured by others.
5. It is strictly forbidden to jump into the sponge pool in a diving posture. Once the head is turned down, it is too late to buffer, which is very dangerous.
6. Entering the climbing area requires the staff's consent and safety protection measures. Non-staff protection measures cannot be provided at will.
7. Non-professionals are not allowed to perform dangerous and difficult movements on the court, such as: front flip, back flip, rotation, etc.
8. Do not attempt unsafe activities without authorization, such as princess holding, throwing others into the sponge pool, jumping into the sponge pool at an unspecified height, etc., especially beginners are prone to sprain the waist and ankle.
9. For your safety precautions, you must strictly abide by the regional precaution rules, obey the instructions of the trampoline staff, obey discouragement, and commit serious violations of safety standards. The staff will clear the scene.
When many people are obsessed with its ever-changing tricks, they ignore the dangers and dangers existing in trampoline play, so as to avoid unnecessary accidents. If you want to have fun on the trampoline, you must understand the precautions and precautions!

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