How to make profits in trampoline Park

Time: 2020-02-28
Summary: how to run a trampoline park to make money quickly?
How to make profits in trampoline Park
The popularity of trampoline parks has made many investors see business opportunities for making money. At present, many indoor children's playgrounds or sports halls regard trampoline parks as a popular and high return on investment for children. For investors, one of their biggest concerns is how to run a trampoline park to make money quickly?

1. Choose the right manager
If the store manager is strong, the trampoline park is strong! The store manager is the soul of the trampoline store, the executor of the store system and philosophy, and an important guarantee for the store's profit. Only a good store manager will lead the team to develop effectively and acquire customers To improve the performance of trampoline parks. So choosing the right store manager is very important for the trampoline park.
2. Form a strong team
(1) Doing good job recruitment
For investors, forming an elite team is the most advantageous core competitiveness of the trampoline hall. Therefore, in the early stage of trampoline park management, you must work hard on selecting candidates. For example, safety guides, trampoline instructors, cashiers, etc.
(2) Practical training for employees
Staff training can help team members adapt to current jobs faster, enter roles more quickly, and improve job performance.
Staff training for trampoline parks mainly focuses on professional skills, expertise, service etiquette, safety precautions for trampoline parks, etc. This can provide professional demonstration and guidance during customer experience, and enable employees to respond to emergencies. Handle calmly, provide customers with a good play experience, and enhance the image of the trampoline park brand in the customer's heart.
(3) Formulating fair and reasonable rules and regulations
Without rules and rules, trampoline managers can formulate practical rules and regulations according to the needs of the store. On the one hand, the rules and regulations can clarify their responsibilities and restrict their behavior, and on the other hand, they can help managers to manage employees efficiently.
(4) Establish a fair and reasonable salary system and promotion system
The trampoline park should formulate a reasonable and clear salary system, insist on the hero of performance, provide employees with attractive promotion opportunities and welfare benefits, clear rewards and penalties, effective incentives, enhance employees' sense of belonging to the company, and reduce employee turnover.
If you want to increase the motivation of your employees, you can't just use one incentive method, but try different ways to use them alternately. For example: For the commission other than basic salary, you can use a combination of performance, card number, target, individual and team.
3. Operational strategy
(1) Create a good store image
The high-end atmosphere decoration design, the cleanliness of the indoor environment, the reasonable layout of the trampoline project, the staff's generous clothing appearance, and the enthusiastic and thoughtful service attitude are all extra points for the trampoline park and are the key factors in creating the image of the trampoline park store .
(2) Effective promotion
Publicity is especially important for trampoline operators. In order to effectively raise awareness, advertising before opening is essential. Only by publicizing the brand and deepening the end consumer's impression of the trampoline park brand, will there be a chance to launch the first shot of opening.
You can promote your trampoline park in an all-round way through experiential marketing activities, short video marketing, surrounding ground promotion, cooperative marketing with third parties, media advertising marketing, regular events organized by trampoline halls, and self-media marketing. attract consumers.
(3) Grasp customer needs through data analysis
Operators should first clarify customer standards, that is, who are general customers, who are suitable customers, and who are key customers, with customer satisfaction as the goal, and then how to establish relationships with them, and provide appropriate services based on this classification , So that the trampoline park value goals and customer value goals are coordinated.
Therefore, we need to use the venue management system of the big data customer group segmentation to conduct in-depth analysis of members, and provide differentiated services through member data analysis to meet the increasingly fine consumer needs of different customers.
4. Marketing and planning of events
Trampoline parks can hold trampoline activities on a regular basis, especially on statutory holidays.
The activities are as diverse as possible. Different small plates can be set up to take care of customers of each age, improve the customer experience, and deepen their impression of the trampoline park;
You can also promote the trampoline knowledge and trampoline skills during the event, or conduct trampoline competitions, trampoline performances, etc. to increase the fun of the event and accumulate more popularity.

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