Decorating a indoor amusement park

Time: 2020-02-29
Summary: how to decorate indoor amusement park venues?
How to decorating a indoor amusement park
People's first impressions of things are formed from appearances, as is the decoration environment for indoor amusement park. An amusement park with a bright theme, colorful, and diversified gameplay can catch people's attention for the first time. A paradise with strong visual impact and diverse gameplay is the most basic factor to attract players. So how to decorate indoor amusement park venues?
First, the decoration of indoor amsuement park considers the characteristics of children

1. Color design for indoor amsuement park 
 Children prefer bright and eye-catching colors. The decoration of indoor amsuement park  is designed in color and environment. With bright, easy and pleasant hue as the direction, multi-color contrast is boldly used to distinguish different indoor amsuement park function play areas with different colors. Generally speaking, preschool children from 0 to 6 years old are more intuitive through sensory stimulation of colors, shapes, sounds, etc. As long as the sensory contrast, strong colors and bright solid colors can arouse their strong interest, they can also Help them understand their world.
Dressing the children's play space colorfully, in addition to conforming to the child's innocent psychological characteristics, from the perspective of the overall environment, the colors are more full of hope and vitality. For children with a lonely and introverted personality, the contrasting colors are good for stimulating the child's sensory nerve development.
2.Styling design for indoor amsuement park decoration
First, the shape design should be vivid and lively, close to nature, close to life, and have a vivid and expressive appearance;
Second, it is best to use animals and plants in the natural ecology in modeling. This is more attractive to children, and can also improve children's cognitive ability and observation ability;
Third, integrating various patterns to satisfy children's imagination of the picture, attract children's attention, and accord with children's willingness to explore;
Fourth, the shape should be interesting, such as cartoon puppets, cartoon characters, etc., so that children can quickly correspond, attract children's interest, and conform to the characteristics of children's psychological development.
Second, the decoration of indoor amsuement park considers parents' demands
1. Indoor amsuement park  decoration must pay attention to the safety of children
The child is the baby of the parent. Nothing is more important than the safety of the child. Therefore, the consideration of safety design in the decoration of indoor amsuement park plays a very important role in the management of indoor amsuement park.
Safety advice for indoor amsuement park decoration:
1. The materials used for decoration should be healthy and environmentally friendly, contain no toxic substances or have an irritating odor;
2. The right angle is easy for children to be injured or injured. When decorating the park, it should be as round or curved as possible;
3. Fire prevention measures should be taken when designing, and portable fire extinguishers should be placed on the ground;
4. It is better to have two safety exits, and have a clear schematic diagram of the fire exit;
5. When decorating the park, the power cables should be routed properly, and no wires should be exposed to avoid children's electric shock;
6. Set a temperature monitoring area at the entrance of the park to avoid infectious diseases between children

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