Brand joining and planning

Brand joining and planning

  • Brand joining and planning

    1.1 Description: Brand joining for those who have limited funds, lack of experience and want to invest in trampoline park, because joining a successful business experience brand company and with their help and guidance can greatly reduce the risk of immature investment. Brand planning: the corporate image and product brand in the minds of customers to form a personalized segmentation, and the consumer and corporate brand and product brands to form a unified values

    1.2 Raise the popularity: has been in the major platform sites and social media (google, facebook, twitter, pinterest, youtube,)for advertising and promotion, our products has been sold around the world1.3 Undertaking social responsibility: Product quality and safety is an important part of the experience of product value,the products has been approved by CE certification and TUV test report.

    1.4 Pricing:

    (1) once joined formally, need to pay % of turnover as franchise monthly.

    (2)according to location measurement, one-time payment.


    Brief Introduction

    We would help our customers to select different games according to their park sizes and budgets.The games below are all our hit products.


    Pricing would depend on actual designs.

  • Amusement Park Design


    We have the following theme: Ocean, Forest, Night Sky, Space, Rainbow, Animation,etc. We could also offer customized theme according to your requirements.


    First we will make the lighting layout for the amusement park for your confirmation.

    Then we will provide a list of various lighting styles for you to choose.


    When the plan of theme, hue and lighting is confirmed,

    we will provide the final design of the amusement park.


    The price for the amusement park design:

    <500 sqm:

    1000-2000 sqm:

    >2000 sqm:

  • Amusement Park Design

    After-sale Maintenance and Upgrade of Product

    Extended Warranty:

    Including Trampoline mat, soft pad, frame, basketball hoop, carpet, artificial grass. Foam cubes and springs are not included.

    Damage caused by below Circumstance are not included in the Extended Warranty:

    1.Damage caused by improper use and human beings.

    2.Force majeure (including but not limited to earthquake, lightning, flood, fire, war, etc.)

    Content of Extended Warranty:

    1.Extended warranty for 1 year, the warranty cost will be the 1.5% of product cost. E.g.

    Product cost is $100,000, the extended warranty cost should be $1,500.

    2.Extended warranty for 2 years, the warranty cost will be the 4% of product cost. E.g.

    Product cost is $100,000, the extended warranty cost should be $4,000.

    Solution of the problems during extended warranty:

    1.Customer provide the site pictures with explaination, and we will provide solution within 24 hours.

    2.we will arrange air transport/express delivery within 5 days if need replace any part.

    product upgrade mainly including below aspects:

    1.Foam pit upgrade to Ninja Warrior

    2.Add the projector to make interative trampoline mat

    3.Add new type climbing wall

    4.Add laser obstacle

  • Site Planning

  • Financial Analysis

    A successful park planning can’t be without a scientific financial analysis.

    We can provide with pre-sale budget analysis, as well as money management suggestion after

    sale. Including cash flow management, cost control and financing strategy.

  • installation

    Liben Corporation has the experience and resources to offer a full installation service which is managed by our management team.

    Our Installation teams are experienced and continually trained in construction of indoor trampoline park and indoor playground.

    Typical site installation:

    1.Structural steel Erection

    2.Walkways, stairs and handrails

    3.Trampoline mats installation

    4.Soft padding layout

    5.Repairs& maintenance(springs,trampoline mats,soft padding,screws,structure)

    Liben Corporation is able to provide qualified and experienced engineers for our customer to do the installation.

    Standard charging method:

    1.Return-trip ticket

    2.$110 per Engineer

    3.Room and board

    4.Visas fees

  • Decoration

    Brief Introduction:

    We Liben could provide construction follow-up services. To help customers supervise the construction by the third-party in a professional way, make sure that the supply of materials, construction details can be perfect with good quality.

    Engineering quantity calculation: We could calculate the total engineering work needed according to the design drawings, and we would mark the material brands / specifications and construction practices method and assist our customers to contract to third-party construction companies, and help customers organize and analyze the various construction company offers.

    Design solution teamwork: The designers, construction supervisors and project managers will cooperate seamlessly to review the construction drawings.

    Coordination on construction site: we could provide professional services to our customers to coordinate the construction of A/C, ventilation, weak current, fire control, and structure, help them save time.

    Construction material check and acceptance: We would check the materials’ quality, environmental class, brand authenticity fairly and impartially according to designer’s sample materials quality and colors and the brands agreed in the budget proposal.

    Construction quality check and acceptance: We would inspect every sub-item in the project according to the drawings.


    Pricing would depend on actual projects.

  • Digital Service

    Take your trampoline park to the next level with these enhancements!

    Booking system, class enrollment, party booking, event management, integrated online and in-park waiver management system.s.

    Integrated point of sale for tickets, concessions, merchandise, operate a restaurant/bar and more.

    Monitor numbers of people to prevent overbooking, synchronous update spare tickets.

    Employee attendance, performance management, track labor costs.

    Track customer information and use it for mailing lists. Helps generate repeat business and maintain customer loyalty to your park.

    Price: $2499/set

  • Management training

    The management training for indoor trampoline park

    A good indoor trampoline park, need the professional team.

    The training for receptionists

    The training for safety officer

    The training for trainer

    The rules for cleaning

    The safety for playground

    Financial management

    Price for this service depends on the real project.

  • Markteting Plans for the Park

    24h Services for online and offline marketing advice

    Pricing policy guidance service

    Price is based on detailed plan

  • Related Products

    Glow stuff, wristbands, trampoline socks, employees T-shirts, bumper balls,

    tables and chairs, bouncing board, lockers, massage chair, etc.

    We can provide with pre-sale budget analysis, as well as money management suggestion after

    sale. Including cash flow management, cost control and financing strategy.

    Everything you need.

  • Product Transportation Service

    We have long-term cooperated ship forwarders and logistics companies.

    Customers can get solution on air-sea-land way to all over the world.

    You can choose door-to-port or door-to-door service.

    Pricing: Updated price according to customer addresses, transportation ways (air, sea, train,etc.)

    and other special requirements (e.g. Unload product from container, import duty paid, etc.).

  • Park Activities and Trainning

    Fare special offers in National holidays

    Single special

    family special

    Group special

    Activities flow in holidays

    Warm up

    Team activities


    Class trainning

    free jump

    Professional mat



    oam pit

    Rope course


    Periodic synchronous push





    Price is based on detailed activities