How do trampoline parks achieve rapid profitability?
How do trampoline parks achieve rapid profitability?
How do trampoline parks achieve rapid profitability?
How do trampoline parks achieve rapid profitability?
How do trampoline parks achieve rapid profitability?
How do trampoline parks achieve rapid profitability?
US $110-150
Indoor Trampolin park builder
Min. Order
20 square meter

Item specifics

Could be Customized
Recommended Age
Above 5 years old
Manual Book or Oversea Installation Services
Value Added Services
Free Designs, Business Plan,Operation Consultance
Steel Pipes, Superior XPE safety Paddings
1 set
$100-$150 per sqm
Payment Terms
T/T, Ali Trade Assurance, L/C. Western Union
1 year

Product review


How do you let your trampoline park come out in many venues and realize quick profits?

Trampoline park is a recreational equipment, is also an aerobic exercise, has developed into trampoline park. By jumping up and down, stretching the joints, to promote the absorption of calcium in the joints, can increase the child, but also to adults to lose weight, legs and buttocks effect, and by adults and children love.

In such a hot behind, how to let their trampoline Park in many venues out of the lead, to achieve rapid profits?

First, the trampoline park management model, it is based on the five elements:

Accurate trampoline park design, proper trampoline Park venue address of choice, the unique creative park trampoline and flexible marketing strategy, the depth of the trampoline park product development, design unique to the trampoline park.

1 trampoline Park marketing strategy and flexible effective market within a radius of 50-100 km, trampoline Park developer needs to adopt a flexible marketing strategy for the effective radius of tourist market, such as speeding up information transmission, flexible pricing, market segments and other efforts to foster a stable consumer groups repeated structure.

2, continuous innovation

3, emphasize the participation of tourists

4, education and entertainment combined

5, perfect service system

6, strengthen the brand management strategy, brand management form, can make trampoline Park catering, shopping and other projects with trampoline Park high-quality image matching.

Two, the diversification of profit model, mainly in the following profit model (according to product development, depth order):

Ticket profit model: the mode of collecting tickets through simple circle, this is the most basic and primary profit model of trampoline park.

Tourism integrated services profit model: in the trampoline park area, through the tourist catering, shopping and other related outreach services to obtain profit model. This is a trampoline Park extension profit model.

Park business profit model: through its own festival activities and foreign investment, as well as other exhibition, advertising, and other series of external services to achieve profit objectives of the combination of models. This is the depth development of trampoline Park profit model.

Below are the general information for the trampoline parks:

Trampoline park Materials: Black Mild Steel, Carbon Steel Wire Springs, 7cm EPE Soft Pad, PP Professional Mats.


Apply forAmusement Park, Indoor Trampoline Themed Park, Super Mall, Warehouse, etc.

Intructions for different trampoline park play areas:

1. Free Jumping Zone

The free Jumping zone in trampoline park is an area for bungee jumping without any limit.No matter you are newbie or a professional, you can always jump your way out happily.

Trampoline Park Free Jumping Zone

2. Dodgeball Zone

Dodge ball zone is an area where you fighting will would be aroused.The dodgeballs are the weapons against your "enemies".Always hit your target or dodge the balls.

Trampoline park Dodgeball Zone

3. Basketball Zone

Is Basketball dunks difficult?Not at all in trampoline,basketball zone is an area where you can dunk like a NBA super star. Doesn't it sound awesome?

Trampoline park Basketball Zone

4. Foam Pit

Foam pit zone is like a diving pool full of soft blocks.You're safe to jump, or dive or free fall into the pits.

Trampoline park Foam Pit Zone

5. Gymnastic Jumping Zone

Gymnastic jump zone is a heaven for professionals to show off their jumping tricks, forward or backer somersalt,air walk on the wall, etc.. 

Trampoline park Olympic Trampoline Zone

6. Ninja Course

Ninja course is the newest trend for comprehensive trampoline park.It is an area where you can be Tarzan or ninja warrior!!

Trampoline park Ninja Course Zone

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