Supplier Of Trampoline Park Equipment
Supplier Of Trampoline Park Equipment
Supplier Of Trampoline Park Equipment
Supplier Of Trampoline Park Equipment
Supplier Of Trampoline Park Equipment
Supplier Of Trampoline Park Equipment

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Company Introduction

Liben Group is a playground equipment supplier with more than ten years of experience in China. Our products have passed the professional certification of TUV, GS, ASTM. We are a professional and experienced trampoline park equipment supplier. We have professional and skilled staff, high-skill design team and advanced technology, including 100 designers, and the modern workshop is up to 20,000 square meters.

We have worked with customers around the world: the Middle East, Europe, the United States, Africa and other countries. Our network sales outlets operate in every country and region, which are convenient for customers to direct purchase and consult our products. Over the years, we have been committed to the production of small and medium amusement equipment. Our professional technology and strong after-sales service will provide you with more safe and effective solutions for your business.

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Company Service

Our products include trampoline park equipment, indoor and outdoor playground equipment, soft play equipment, children amusement playground, inflatable slide, inflatable playground, rope climbing equipment, etc. And all the equipment are adopted by the factory direct sales, research, development and production, skimming the market middlemen to earn price difference.

Liben Group offers amusement playground equipment to many leisure places, including amusement parks, children's games centers, leisure centers, hotels, schools, resorts, etc. We can offer support to beginners to independent operator. No matter where you are in the world, we are happy to support your project!

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Why Choose Us

Design: We have been focusing on the most popular products in the market, and constantly develop innovative products. We have 15 senior designers and engineering team, and highly innovative and efficient design.

Technology: the production line is all customized with imported machines, and the products are constantly upgraded between the mechanical and manual.

Professional sales team: more than 10 sales will always be stand by. They not only have professional sale knowledge, but also understand trampoline design, which makes it easier to communicate with you.

Service: We do not only provide products, but also provide one-stop solution. Assist you with market research, product development, international delivery, etc.