Liben High Quality Trampoline Theme Park
Liben High Quality Trampoline Theme Park
Liben High Quality Trampoline Theme Park
Liben High Quality Trampoline Theme Park

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There are many kinds of equipment in trampoline park, including adult trampoline area, children's area, dodgeball area, dunk area, super slide area, ocean pool area, spider wall area, rope net climbing area, EPP block area, etc. These equipment are customized for different needs of human body.

Trampoline park is a large indoor amusement space formed by various indoor and outdoor amusement projects. Up to now, there have been thousands of trampoline parks around the world. Trampoline is widely popularized in foreign countries. In every self-built community, a trampoline will be placed for children to play. Therefore, trampoline will become a favorite thing for children.


Item No.:LE.AA.A01.08.00

Product Size: 37.7*31.7*6m

Material: Galvanized steel pipes, PVC, PP

Age Range: above 5 years old

Capacity Advice: 60-80



1.Can we customized the Indoor Playground Trampoline Park?

Answer: Yes, all of our products can be customized.

2.Can you provide contact information and address of your cooperated clients?

Answer: Please tell us your location so that we can help you to contact our clients and ask for their approval.

3.What ’s the age limit for Indoor Playground Trampoline Park?

Answer: Different products have different age limits, for example FEC is suitable for people of all age groups. Adventure Park and Indoor Playground Trampoline Park are suitable for kids age above 5 years old. As for indoor soft playground, the kids under the age of 7 will enjoy it more.

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